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Kauai UnderGround Artists planting seeds of creativity via art, dance. music. & lyrics.
KUGA is a non-profit, drug & alcohol free project. Committed to the development of children and young adults in a positive and creative environment. We promote a clean and healthy lifestyle by words and action.  We value relationships to the fullest and strive to pull out the best in others. KUGA is family with family values. Respect, integrity, and love.​​​​


Founding mothers:

KUGA was orginally started by Lila Metzger, Sara Ahn and Marisol Smith in 2005, and has continued to grow with divine momentum. Lila and Marisol are still actively teaching kids how to dance on Kauai, and Sara Ahn has been in New York developing her skills and knowledge in dance and has recently launch a new non-profit The Healing Movement




Generous contributions have been made by these community partners:

Atherton Foundation

GuavaGar Westfall Charitable Fund

The Takenanka Kaua'i Fund of the Hawaii Community Foundation.

Timbers Kaua'i

Jenkins Construction

Paradise Bloom Landscaping

Pacific Concerete Cutting & Coring

 The ABC Stroes of Kaua'i Charitable Fund of the Hawaii Community Foundation.


The Rotary Club of Poipu Beach 

Community collaborations:

- Public School Career days of East, South and West Kauai.

-Kiluea School Dance

-Aloha Keiki Fest

-Kapaa Middle School Ukulele Band Fundraiser

-Kauai Made Film Fundraiser

-The County of Kaua’i: Providing alternate activities community centers island-wide

-The Kauai Coffee & Chocolate Festival

-Rotary Club of poipu beach "Movies in the Park"

-D.A.R.E. program

-Chiefess Kamakahele Middle School: Launched TripS. after school enrichment program

-Kauai Academy of the Creative Arts

-Relay for Life

-Project Grad

-Princeville Creative Arts

-Hanalei enrichment camp- Furlough friday program

-Kokua for Keoni Fundraiser

-KIF Championship

-Hawaiian Island Ministries Honolulu Conference

-Kauai High School Poetry Slam Club

-Kauai Dance Theatre concert

-Church on the Beach

-Kauai Young Women of Faith

-Hanapepe Orchid Festival

-Polynesian Festival, & many more.​​​​​  ​​​​​

Tax forms for public:




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