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To our friends and family,

We are excited to share a new project that’s very close to home. We are surrounded by the raw and pristine beauty of Kaua‘i, famously known by tourists and locals as “the Garden Island”. Yet the island has been in the world’s spotlight lately for a different reason: its community is bitterly torn over modern agriculture practices which some fear is destroying the health of the land and its people.

The West Side of Kaua‘i has the largest native Hawaiian population on the island, and is where the biggest chemical companies in the world own acres of land. Our friend Clint lives on the West Side with his family, mentoring and serving the local youth. His vision is to create a sustainable farm to bring agriculture education and healthy food for the youth and their families. We’re raising the funds to kick start this project, and invite you to help! Please consider donating to our Grow Shaloha campaign, and pass our link on to friends, co-workers, anyone you know who cares about Kaua‘i!

Support West Kaua‘i with a $35 donation and get a free Shaloha Ambassador Package! 
  • $35 donation for the Men's Ambassador Package  Men's click here
  • $35 donation for the Women's Ambassador Package  Women's click here

Learn more and donate at

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