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Andrew aka BBOY FLOWN, Born in the Philippines and raised on Kaua'i. Andrew is a natural born dancer. He is 2nd generation Pink Pebbles Crew member and active B-Boy competitor and one of the most talented B-Boys & street dancers Kauai has. KUGA is proud to have him as part of the team teaching kids the art of breaking and preserving the hip-hop culture on Kaua'i. 

Becca started dancing at age 5. She studied ballet, jazz, hip hop, musical theatre and contemporary and has a minor in dance from Chapman University. She founded the  Ampersand Dance Company (Maui) in 2012 and relocated to Kauai in 2014 and began teaching for KUGA. Becca has brought quality dance training to Kauai and we are truly fortunate to have her sharing everything she has worked hard for over the years.

Alana loves to surf and dance! She loves her family and friends and being in nature. She strives to live simply and be happy! What Alana won't say about herself is that she is a "Master Teacher" she gives the energy and the moves to carry any class. She is the leading Zumba instructor on Kauai and has come to KUGA to expand her love for the specific style of Jamaican dancehall. The quality instruction, the workout and the fun in her classes are not to be missed! #nobesked just come!

Lila is a founding mother of KUGA with a desire to preserve the original style of breaking. She strives to give young kids a vocabulary of foundational movements to build upon while they discover their personal style. She embraces the old and the new school exposing her classes to a wide range of music and grooves, she aims to keep the class moving and having fun!

Jenna Gonsalves, Born in the Colorado Rocky Mountains Jenna never imagined what Kauai would have in store for her. After marrying a Kalaheo boy and landing on the rock for what was to be a short stay…. Jenna caught KUGA fever and is still here. Specializing in choreography and improvisation Jenna’s passion is to cultivate self expression using the most basic human instrument, our bodies! Jenna has her dance degree from the University of Northern Colorado where she trained in ballet, jazz, and modern dance. She is just completed her Masters of Arts in Dance Education. Jenna is lucky to have found a home in KUGA and is thrilled to continue to pour her love and passion into the youth of Kauai as she strives to train excellent dancers of excellent character.

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